Touch N Go fingerprint API is exposed through a SOAP and REST API. This allows developers of different programming languages to use the software development kit (SDK) in a standard way and avoids the need to recompile code when Bayometric releases a new version of the platform.

This document explains the architecture of Touch N Go fingerprint SDK and how it integrates with your application.

For information on how to generate proxy code for different programming languages please check our Developer Guide.

Touch N Go Fingerprint API
Figure 1 – Integration overview (Touch N Go)


As can be seen in Figure 1 above, Touch N Go (Fingerprint API) is composed of a Server and a Client component.

Server component (Touch N Go Fingerprint API)

The server component is deployed as a Windows Service and is responsible for fingerprint matching, user authentication and data storage. Your application will not communicate with this component since all integration is done through client component. The Server Component stores user’s fingerprint templates and their id number.

Client component (Touch N Go Fingerprint API)

The client component is deployed as a Windows Service and is the component that exposes the fingerprint API that will be consumed by your application. This means that your application will talk to a web service hosted on the same machine as your application, making all calls simple localhost calls.

This component is responsible for showing the UI when Registration or Search methods are called, and also for communicating with the server component.

This ensures that there is a very small impact on your application, especially on the client/server communication.

The communication between your application and the client web service is over HTTP protocol. Since this a localhost call and a connected scanner is mandatory for most of the operations, or at least a valid session created on the same machine, there is no need to use a secure channel (HTTPS) for this local host communication.

The communication between Touch N Go client and server can be configured to use SSL. This configuration can be performed using our Administration Panel.

Please note: For applications that do not need a centralized server, you can have Touch N Go Client & Touch N Go Server running on the same computer.

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