What is fingerprint Verification Software?

Fingerprint Verification, also known as 1:1 (one-to-one ) fingerprint matching or Fingerprint Authentication, is the process of confirming that a user is who they claim to be. In fingerprint Verification a user usually provides some kind of identification, for example a user ID or username or a card before placing his finger on the fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint verification software takes the user ID and tries to match the new fingerprint with the fingerprints associated with this user ID. If a fingerprint match is found then the user is allowed access. In fingerprint verification, the biometric software needs to search through only the single record.

What is fingerprint Identification Software?

Fingerprint Identification, also known as 1:N (one-to-many matching) fingerprint matching, is the process of comparing a fingerprint against all the fingerprints in the database to see if a match is found. In fingerprint Identification the biometric software needs to search the entire biometric database

Difference between Fingerprint Identification and Fingerprint Verification

Fingerprint Verification – I am claiming to be John, biometric system will verify if I am really John.
Fingerprint Identification – I am not going to tell you who I am, search through all the records and find out who I am.
Speed – Fingerprint Verification is much faster and less complex than fingerprint identification. Fingerprint Identification is more taxing on the resources.

Biometric Applications that use Fingerprint Verification

Single Sign On – Single sign-on (SSO) using fingerprint recognition is a fingerprint authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications using their fingerprints. Once the user is authenticated,they can switch between multiple applications without further prompts for authentication during a particular session. Single Sign On is an example of Fingerprint Verification Software

Logical Access Control – Accessing Software, solutions, network using your fingerprints. Some of the applications include – BYOD policy, securing file/folders on your computer, accessing work email or resources.

Patient ID Systems using fingerprints – Allows patients to be identified using their fingerprints. These systems help Hospitals Improve Patient Safety, Eliminate Duplicate Medical Records and Provides Fraud Protection by using Fingerprint Recognition Solution.

Bank Customer Identification – Allows Bank customers to access funds or services using their fingerprints. Increases security and authenticity for financial transactions.

Biometric Applications that use Fingerprint identification Software

AFIS – Automated fingerprint identification System is the process of fingerprints against a database of existing fingerprints. Automated fingerprint identification systems are primarily used by law enforcement agencies for criminal identification initiatives, AFIS is an example of fingerprint identification software.

Attendance & Physical Access Control – It is one area which extensively makes use of fingerprint sensors for granting access to premises and for time & attendance management. These systems can be integrated with existing payroll systems in order to provide more accurate attendance data. Most biometric attendance systems use Fingerprint Identification Software.

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