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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Can I get the Source Code for the Sample Application so that I can see how the functions are used?

Yes. We provide Sample Application and Source Code for the Sample Application. The Source Code is provided in different Languages like C/C++, C#, Java etc. Most of our clients just copy paste the Source Code in their application in order to be up and running with fingerprint recognition solution.

Can I include your installation files as part of my Install? We will be integrating your application to our system and we want our client to install just a single application?

Yes, we have msi package and you can call our msi.

We have 100 computers as part of our Network but only 20 will use your application. If we get licenses for 20 client machines, how will the server know which 20 machines to give access to?

We do not control which machine is going to have access to the Server. We allow 20 different machines to access the Server. We only control # of client machines not which one.

How can I backup your database? Do I have to stop the service to do the backup or can the service be running while I do the backup?

The Backup functionality is built into our solution. You do not need to stop Service in order to take the backup.

Can I get a list of all registered people in the fingerprint database?

Yes, this feature is part of our system.

What version of .NET framework do we need to use your solution?

Our Solution depends on .NET Framework 4.0.

If I use fingerprint scanner A to Create the first 100 Employees and create the rest of the employees using fngerprint scanner B will both scanners work for all registered employees?

Yes, our software will work seamlessly with all leading fingerprint scanners in the market. Fingerprint Scanner interoperability allows a user to be enrolled using one fingerprint scanner and authenticate on any other fingerprint scanner in any authorized location.

Do you use any Encryption to Secure the Data?

We make un-compromised efforts to achieve highest standards of security measures in securing the sensitive information our software handles. We use 256-bit encryption for securing the information stored on the server and SSL for securing all network communications, higher end of standards that banks use.

What are my personal privacy risks?

There are None. We do not store a raw image of the fingerprint. Our software extracts the unique fingerprint pattern data (fingerprint template) from the image. It is impossible
to recreate a fingerprint image from this data. Therefore, there are no associated privacy risks.

How does the Licensing work?

We provide you with a license file that resides on the Server. We do not install any license file on the client machine.

Do you provide a Free Trial?

Yes. We want you to test our solution before buying. We provide a 30 day trial of our solution. You can get a trial by contacting us via phone or email.

My Free Trial has expired, can I extend it?

Please contact your acount manager and he/she will help you with the same.

I need some additional features in your solution, do you do custom development?

Absolutely. We would love to work with you and understand your requirements. We are happy to add features to our solution and/or do custom development for you.

I am writing an application in Java. Do you have any sample code?

Yes. Sample code for Java is included with our Biometric Solution

I am using .NET. Do you have any sample code?

Yes. Sample code for .NET is included.

Do you have Sample Code for Winforms?

Calling a webservice from a Windows Forms application or from a WPF application (the sample we have), is exactly the same thing because both are C# code. The product is not dependent on any GUI framework. If you have any specific requirement then we can help you with the same.

I have written an application on Excel 2016. I want to integrate fingerprint recognition with the same. Excel has VB Connectors. Can I use Touch N Go?

Touch N Go can be integrated in any platform that is able to call a SOAP Webservice. We can supply the WSDL so you can check if Excel allows calls to webservices.

Can the Touch N Go API be installed and used WITHOUT a web server? In other words, can the API be accessed via windows service calls as opposed to web service calls?

Touch N Go does not use a web server (IIS, Apache, etc). Touch N Go API is exposed through a web service. This API is hosted by a windows service. Touch N Go installer does not install IIS, Apache or any other web server. The only components installed are the windows services responsible for hosting this web service. So, no web service is required to use Touch N Go API.

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