6 Ways to Improve Fingerprint Enrollment Process

Fingerprint Enrollment is the most critical process in any fingerprint software All future matching will happen against enrolled fingerprints. Hence it is very important that the enrollment template is of high quality. Many biometric projects fail because users are not being … Read More

Fingerprint Verification vs. Fingerprint Identification

What is fingerprint Verification Software? Fingerprint Verification, also known as 1:1 (one-to-one ) fingerprint matching or Fingerprint Authentication, is the process of confirming that a user is who they claim to be. In fingerprint Verification a user usually provides some … Read More

6 Ways to Select the Best Fingerprint Scanner / Reader

The job of a fingerprint scanner is very simple; capture a good quality fingerprint image and pass it on to the software. If the image is not that great then the software using this image will not be able to … Read More

Registration and Matching in Fingerprint Software – FAQ

In order to integrate fingerprint recognition you need a fingerprint scanner and a fingerprint SDK (if you are a developer) or a fingerprint recognition Software (if you are the end user). A fingerprint scanner is a USB device whose sole … Read More

Where Should You Store the Fingerprint Template?

During my initial interview with a client, I often ask lots of questions. We need to understand the complete requirements of a project in order to recommend the right tools needed for their Biometric Application. At the end of the … Read More

Why you should avoid using fingerprint SDK from scanner manufacturers

Last Week, I was talking to a large government client who wanted to use a fingerprint SDK developed by a fingerprint scanner manufacturer. Based on their project requirements I advised them against it. They came to me saying that the … Read More

What is ISO/IEC 19794-2 fingerprint template standard?

ISO/IEC 19794-2 is an international fingerprint template standard standard that was created in order to achieve interoperability between different fingerprint recognition systems. In other words, it allows fingerprint templates generated by different vendors to be used in the same system for … Read More

Fingerprint SDK vs. Touch N Go Fingerprint Software

Developers who want to integrate fingerprint identification software into their applications have 2 choices: Fingerprint SDK or Touch N Go Fingerprint SDK Fingerprint SDK is a low level API that developers can use to develop fingerprint recognition solutions. Integrating fingerprint recognition using a … Read More