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About Touch N Go

Touch N Go is a turnkey biometric identification solution that enables developers to integrate biometric software into their applications in a snap.

With close to a decade of biometric industry experience, we have developed a comprehensive biometric identification software that addresses to bridge the gap in the market place. Organizations looking to integrate biometric software into their applications have two options: develop their own solution by buying a biometric SDK or buy an expensive biometric middleware framework. Both options are a huge drain on the IT resources requiring considerable amount of time and money. Not to mention the steep learning curve for developers trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of biometric software. How many times have we seen a project being stalled, put on the shelf or simply scratched!

Touch N Go is ready-to-use biometric software that is fast, simple and cost-effective alternative to biometric SDK. It is a solution built by our experienced developers for other developers and end users. With extensive biometric industry experience, our team knows what a business needs to succeed. We have taken care of each little detail so that your team can focus on growing your business. Touch N Go gets organizations started in biometric identity management instantly with highest level of security. It is feature packed and has the flexibility to fit all organizational needs.

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